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Anna Kravtcova
2 articles
Science Behind GamblingWhich Factors Lead To Problem Gambling?
Ph.D. in organizational psychology, an internationally certified psychologist (EuroPsy 2022, Cognitive behavioural therapy of mindfulness 2020, International Society for Emotional Intelligence 2017, Russian Psychological society 2014, American Psychological Association(Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologist) 2011), speaker of many international conferences (USA, Brazil, Portugal, Czech Republic, Russia, etc.). TEDx speaker.
Anton Spesivtsev
28 articles
Basic Betting Strategies And How To Use Them2 Million People Got Help From UK Gambling CharitiesBookmakers vs Betting Exchanges: What To Choose?
Anton has been betting on sports since 2012. In 2014, he started working as a sports journalist for a soccer magazine. After an 8-year career in various sports media, he joined our team as a Sports, News & How-to Writer in 2022. He’s a global fan of sports and a former semi-pro tennis player, which is why he’s closely following the ATP and the WTA tours, as well as top flight European soccer leagues. Teams and athletes: Spartak Moscow, Liverpool, Daniil Medvedev, Carlos Alcaraz. Sports to bet on: soccer & tennis. Sports movie: Moneyball, Borg vs McEnroe, The Last Dance. Sports snack: Potato chips & cider. Covers feature: News & Knowledge articles.
Cristina Varela Galan
9 articles
Misconceptions About Pathological GamblersCan Gambling Cause Health Problems?How Do Women Handle Problem Gambling?
Cristina used to work as a Psychology Assistant in the Bizkaia Pathological and Risky Gamblers Association. She was also part of a research team in Deusto University, specializing in pathological gambling area. While working there, she managed to develop her own project – “Exploring the association between emotional regulation, alexithymia, stressful life events and gambling in adolescent and young adult women”.
Oliver Campbell
21 articles
How To Bet On The NHL In Canada - Hockey Betting Tips & GuideTeens & Gambling - Tips For Parents Of Teens With Gambling AddictionWhat Is Self-Exclusion - Definition & Meaning
Oliver has extensive media experience. His career began on the CBC Television Network. He has since been a radio host on CBC Radio One, has appeared extensively on television and has written for such publications as the Toronto Star, National Post and Vancouver Sun. He has interviewed many sports figures, including Megan Imrie and Wayne Gretzky. Oliver has written several articles about the world’s most unusual places, such as Niagara Falls and Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.