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Updated Jan 18, 2024, 2-43 PM
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User Reviews Analysis

The overall user experience with bonuses and promotions on the sports betting app is quite varied. A significant portion of users, approximately 40%, have expressed dissatisfaction, citing issues such as unfulfilled promo codes, non-payment of bonuses, and the removal of earned rewards without prior notification. These users also reported that despite engaging with customer service, their issues were not resolved satisfactorily.Conversely, around 60% of users have had a positive experience with the app's bonuses and promotions. They appreciated the free bets offered, often without any hidden conditions. The points betting system was also commended for its lucrative bonuses. These users also noted that the app offers decent promotions and that the bonus was readily available.However, a few users expressed a desire for larger free bets and more frequent promotional offers. They also suggested that the app could improve by offering better customer service and ensuring that promotions work as advertised. In conclusion, while the app has some strong points in terms of bonuses and promotions, there is a clear need for improvement in terms of reliability and customer service.

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if I could give 0 stars I would as I signed up with this company just because I wanted to see how the user face looked it was the only way I could see the user face was the sign app and then I didn't put money right away so when I finally was ready to go ahead and make my first deposit I couldn't even get the first deposit bonus so I tried to contact customer support and they couldn't even do it so I said we'll just close out my account and they said well I can't close it permanently All I can

Quick to take your money but drag their feet to pay off your winnings. talked to customer service several times for 3 days and still no payments. Not to mention that they don't payoff on promotions they run. This site is one that says you can cash out on a bet early but as soon as you do the transaction is suspended

Not good ..promo for Deposit $10 n play twenty 7 spin get 10 free spins ...never got the free spins.....not good

Don't bother. Cowards and anytime confrontation occurs they cop out and say they'll get back via email in 48hours they never get back. I was told last time I contacted support if I made a deposit of $10 I was eligible for the free bonus bets. Its been over a month without receiving any of these bonus bets and 2 weeks since support would contact me so i went to them and they were unprofessional. rude and defensive despite both parties knowing they were wrong. I deposited $100 that week

SCAM PLACE!! I won and they cut off every promotion offered they black listed me for winning my first deposit they're a SCAM

better then most other PA online casinos and ive tried all! Ive been able to withdrawl a few times just w freespins or freebets alone! not just once or twice and they give em daily...very generous

Do not download this app Rip off your welcome

WORST SPORTSBOOKS. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. VOIDs bets but then doesn't return promotional offers from those bets


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About PointsBet Bonuses

PointsBet incorporates a number of bonuses into its sports betting platform. These bonuses are a standard aspect of the company's offering, aligning with common practices in the sports betting industry. The structure and availability of these bonuses are influenced by regional regulations, leading to differences in offers between the USA and Canada.

Bonuses provided by PointsBet undergo periodic changes. This mirrors the evolving landscape of sports betting, where promotions are often adapted to remain in sync with market trends and specific sports events. Notably, PointsBet may offer bonuses tailored to particular games or events.

Key aspects to consider about PointsBet bonuses include:

  • Variability by Region: Bonuses differ between the USA and Canada, reflective of distinct legal and regulatory environments.
  • Frequent Updates: Promotional offers are subject to change, a common practice in the sports betting industry.
  • Event-Specific Offers: Some bonuses are designed to coincide with major sports events or games.
  • Terms and Conditions: Each bonus comes with specific rules and requirements that dictate its use and the process for obtaining any benefits.

Overall, PointsBet's bonuses are an integral part of its sports betting services, with features and changes that align with industry norms and regulatory requirements in both the USA and Canada.

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