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Updated Jan 18, 2024, 2-42 PM
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User Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the reviews, it's clear that the users' experience with the sports betting app's bonuses and promotions has been largely negative. A significant number of users have expressed dissatisfaction with the app's free daily prize wheel, with many stating that it rarely, if ever, results in a win. This feature has been described as "broken", "fixed", and "a waste of time". Furthermore, several users have reported issues with receiving their bonuses, with some claiming that they did not receive their welcome bonus or free bets despite meeting the necessary requirements. This has led to frustration and disappointment, with some users even deciding to close their accounts or switch to other betting apps as a result. The app's customer support has also been criticized for being unhelpful and unresponsive when it comes to resolving issues related to bonuses and promotions. Some users have reported being blocked from receiving bonuses without any given reason, while others have had difficulty contacting support to discuss their concerns. However, it's worth noting that a small number of users have had a positive experience with the app's bonuses and promotions. These users have praised the app for its good odds and frequent free bet promotions. In conclusion, while the app does offer a variety of bonuses and promotions, the overall user experience with these features is poor. The majority of users feel that the app's bonuses and promotions are not fair or reliable, and the app's customer support is not effective in addressing these concerns.

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Unbelievable I just made my ufc list and they changed my betlslip order all of my choices were correct and now my lucky $89 gone its very disgusting they should be charged. The game doesn't let you win with the free spin anymore I been spinning over a month and it's always loss it never happened before this app has really became sht not to mention its always crashing.

Since update site is still lagging but the spin wheel is fixed giving different prises and putting them to account when claim

Terrible free game u have . always gives the prize 1 spin never can u win anything else. has been like this for weeks. and other apps. At least u can win different prizes

Customer support is trash. just like the app. Use Bet365 if you want a fair sportsbook and not have cashouts disabled as you are winning the whole time. Retarded sportsbook needs to shutdown. Take the bonus and never deposit here. Why are prop odds typically 60% below any sportsbook??

Had to close my account.the app or even logging in with browser will drive you crazy takes forever. most of the time won't open.constantly having to clear cache uninstall reinstall.if you get credits for games they never work or ever be credited to your game. there's alot more better betting apps out there honestly i wouldn't bother with this one you'll just be annoying yourself

If I could give this app 0 stars. I would. The free daily prize wheel is broken and gives you unredeemable prizes. and the customer support is lackluster. Especially Erza. Very unhelpful. and full of attitude. The same issue has happened multiple times. and Ezra refused to help like other times I've had this issue.

Promotions do not load well

For me. it's been very good on the whole. You get free bet promos galore and good odds (except for the #betyourway deals). The live support is quick but the staff on there seem to ignore what you are saying half the time & give you generic answers. sometimes to questions you haven't asked. (it's probably better to contact support on Twitter). *Update* Since the app was updated a few months back. it has been terrible. Constantly timing out. especially on the promo pages. -1 star for that alone.


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About Betway Bonuses

Betway Sportsbook offers a range of bonuses and promotions for its users. The specifics of these offers can vary based on location and the type of sports or games involved.

Welcome Bonuses

  • Welcome Bonus Bets: New users at Betway are greeted with a welcome bonus bet on their first wager. This bonus allows users to explore a variety of sports betting options available throughout the year.
  • State-Specific Offers: In the United States, Betway can provide different welcome bonuses depending on the state.

Ongoing Promotions

  • Same Game Parlay: This feature allows users to combine multiple bets on a single game, enhancing the potential winnings. Bettors can select outcomes such as money line, total points, or player props to craft their unique bet.
  • Odds Boost: User will be able to find Odds Boost promotions on select games and events throughout the course of the year.
  • Early Cashout: With Early Cash Out, you can choose to take your winnings or cut your losses, prior to the end of the event. The amount you can Cash Out depends on your wager and the Live status of your bet.

Terms and Conditions

Betway's terms and conditions for sportsbook bonuses and promotional offers are designed to ensure fair and transparent use of these benefits. Key elements include:

  • Eligibility Criteria: Betway often sets requirements for who can claim bonuses, such as being of legal betting age and located in a jurisdiction where Betway operates legally.
  • Wagering Requirements: Many Betway bonuses come with a wagering requirement, which is the number of times a bonus amount must be bet before any winnings can be withdrawn.
  • Time Limits: Bonuses and promotional offers typically have an expiration date. Betway specifies the timeframe within which you must use the bonus and meet any wagering requirements.
  • Minimum Odds: For bets made with bonus funds, Betway might specify minimum odds, ensuring that bets contribute towards the wagering requirements.
  • Bet Types and Event Restrictions: Some Betway promotions may only apply to specific types of bets or sports events.
  • Withdrawal and Modification Rights: Betway reserves the right to withdraw, change, or exclude users from offers and promotions, often as a measure to prevent abuse of these bonuses.
  • Bet Settlement: Betway also details how and when bonus bets will be settled, including the crediting of bonus bet funds to user accounts and their subsequent use within the sportsbook.

It's important for users to thoroughly read and understand these terms and conditions to make the most of Betway's promotional offers while adhering to the platform's guidelines. For detailed information, users should always refer to the specific terms and conditions listed on Betway's website or promotional materials.

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