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What is a Match Bonus?

A Match Bonus is a promotional offer designed to provide bettors with additional funds for wagering, typically by matching a percentage of their initial deposit. 

How Match Bonuses Work

When a bettor makes a qualifying deposit, the sportsbook, as part of the promotion, matches a specific percentage of that deposit, up to a predetermined limit. 

Here is an example:

Depositing $200 into a sportsbook account with a 50% Match Bonus means you get an extra $100, totaling $300 for betting on sports events, giving you more funds to place bets.

Pros & Cons


  • Expanded Betting Budget
  • Opportunity for Risk Management
  • Prolonged Entertainment Value


  • Challenging Wagering Requirements
  • Potential for Impulsive Betting Behavior
  • Complex Terms and Conditions
  • Restrictions on Withdrawals
  • Pressure to Meet Wagering Conditions