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Updated Jan 18, 2024, 2-42 PM
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The reviews about the sports betting app's bonuses and promotions are mixed. A significant number of users (around 40%) appreciate the bonus bets, boosts, and promotions offered by the app, finding them easy to use and a great addition to their betting experience. They particularly enjoy the mystery wheel spins and the referral bonuses.However, a larger portion of users (around 60%) express dissatisfaction with the app's bonuses and promotions. They report issues with not receiving promised bonuses, such as initial deposit matches and referral bonuses. Some users also complain about the app's mystery wheel spins, claiming they rarely win anything substantial. There are also complaints about the app not honoring promotions and the lack of customer service support when these issues arise.A few users mention that the app's promotions are not as good as those offered by competitors, and some express frustration with the app's interface, which they find less user-friendly when it comes to opting into promotions. There are also complaints about the lack of variety in the app's promotions and the slow speed of live betting, which affects their ability to take advantage of certain bonuses.In conclusion, while some users appreciate the app's bonuses and promotions, there are significant issues that need to be addressed to improve the overall user experience. These include ensuring that promised bonuses are delivered, improving the variety and quality of promotions, and enhancing the app's interface to make it easier for users to opt into promotions.

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Love the bonus plays.. easy

love it! They give lots of bonus bets and they allow you to cash out early as well as make flex parlays

They didn't match my initial deposit like it said. Not very user friendly. I was able to place 2 bets but today it doesn't do anything.

Hard pass on this app. Isn't this app known for a the cafe or Restaurant? Spin their wheel to get a free bet. These promos are lousy compared to FanDuel and draftkings. Still go with Betmgm or even Caesars before sticking with this. Hard pass! Since the app crashes ever 10 minutes. I'll try it again on a few years.

fast and easy to use and great bonuses

Couple things. The live betting needs to be updated and work faster. Because it doesn't allow you to bet on live plays quick enough. Also when do I get my bonuses for Inviting friends?

Glad to finally have a sportsbook for FL but needs a lot of work. I would prefer boost I can use on what I want not just pre selected boost and needs more props and be able to do sgp across multiple games.

great app love the boost bets


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About Hard Rock Bet Bonuses

Hard Rock Bet offers numerous bonuses as part of its services. These bonuses are provided in line with industry practices and are subject to various regulations, including state-specific rules. The types and availability of these bonuses can vary, often depending on the state in which the user is located.

The bonuses at Hard Rock Bet may change frequently. This is reflective of the dynamic nature of the sports betting industry, where promotional offers are often updated in response to various factors, including market trends and specific sporting events. Some bonuses are designed for specific games or events, aligning with the schedules and interests of the sports world.

It is important for users to be aware that each bonus comes with its own set of terms and conditions. These terms dictate how the bonuses can be used and what requirements must be met for any potential benefits to be realized.

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