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What is Bet Insurance?

Bet Insurance is a promotional offer provided by sportsbooks and betting platforms to mitigate the risk associated with placing bets. It essentially serves as a safety net for bettors, ensuring that they don't lose their entire stake if their bet doesn't go as planned. When you take advantage of Bet Insurance, you have the opportunity to receive a partial or full refund of your stake, typically in the form of a free bet.

How Bet Insurance Works

Understanding how Bet Insurance works is crucial for bettors looking to make the most of this offer. To qualify for Bet Insurance, you usually need to meet specific criteria set by the sportsbook. These criteria often include placing a bet on a particular event or market, as well as adhering to conditions such as minimum odds. If your qualifying bet ends up losing, the sportsbook will refund your stake, either partially or in full, as a free bet.

An Example from the Stanley Cup

During the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, bettors could take advantage of Bet Insurance. If you placed a bet on a game involving the Toronto Maple Leafs and met the criteria, you'd receive a free bet refund if the Maple Leafs lost.

Pros & Cons


  • Risk Mitigation
  • Second Chance
  • Enhanced Betting Experience


  • Wagering Requirements
  • Limited Scope
  • Reduced Profit Potential
  • Complex Terms and Conditions

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