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Can I Help If My Loved One Struggles With Gambling Issues?

Problem gambling is a serious issue, which is quite tough to manage alone. If you see that a person you love and care about is struggling with this issue, you can actually be a great deal of help. Let's consider some possible measures. Let’s overview the options.

How To Spot That Your Loved One Might Be In Trouble?

There are several tell tale signs that might help you understand that your partner needs help.

If you notice such signs, then it’s time for an intervention.

How To Talk To A Problem Gambler?

If you are seriously considering stepping in to help a loved one, here are some tips to make a difficult conversation as effective and painless as possible.

Ask For Professional Advice

Remember: qualified and anonymous help in such matters is really available nowadays. You can check out our list of gambling addiction hotlines to choose the one you prefer and make a call. Consulting a specialist might be useful in terms of coming up with a safe strategy for the conversation.

Logic Over Emotion

When you start to discuss the issue, try your best to stay calm and not to show your emotions. Stick to the facts and logic. Remember: your partner will almost certainly not be eager to have this conversation, so allowing things to get emotional will likely give them the excuse to leave and avoid the situation altogether.

What’s Next?

Here are some tips on how to behave after this conversation.

  • Appreciation is the key. Show how much you appreciate your partner’s willingness to work together on the problem
  • Be patient. Remember: every change requires time
  • Do not forget to get help for yourself. Nowadays there are lots of support programs for those living with a problem gambler. This will help you maintain self-esteem and better cope with the problem
  • If necessary, take care of your financial security as a precautionary measure. Maintaining separate budgets might be an effective strategy

How To Stay Safe?

Do you remember the standard instructions for air travel? Always ensure you put on your oxygen mask first. Well, the principle is exactly the same in this situation.

Discuss The Family Budget

Make a joint decision on who will control the budget. Perhaps you should take care of all mandatory payments, as well as credit and debit cards. You could also try to find a trusted person among close friends or relatives.

Protect Your Savings

Make sure that the individual struggling with gambling issues does not have access to your money. Set up different bank accounts and cards, change your PINs and passwords. Hiding valuables that you keep at home might also be a sensible precaution.

Gamble Responsibly

Even though gambling addiction is a major issue, gambling itself can in fact be really enjoyable. To keep it that way, it is essential that you approach the game responsibly. Always set your financial and time limits and never exceed them, stick with legal platforms only and feel free to use all the responsible gambling tools they provide. Have fun and stay safe!

Anton Spesivtsev
Anton Spesivtsev
19 December 2022 16:26