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Report: About 2 Million People Have Used The Gambling Harm Prevention Programme In The UK

British responsible gambling charities GamCare and the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) have reported that their joint Young People’s Gambling Harm Prevention Programme has already hit the mark of two million participants.

Two Years Of Effective Work

The programme itself kicked off two years ago. Its main purpose is helping, training and educating the young people in Wales, England and Northern Ireland, as well as cooperating with some other organizations in Scotland.

The organizations’ report says that two million people have already used their intervention training and other educational resources, while 48,000 young people used their specially designed workshops.

Fresh Staff

The program also managed to train 24,000 specialists who are now ready to assist those suffering from the gambling issue across the country. This number includes 10,000 teachers, with lessons being delivered as part of the latest PSHE curriculum in schools.

YGAM also conducted an internal study, which showed that 99% of specialists who have been trained under the program now feel more confident that they will be able to correctly and timely identify signs of problem gambling behavior. At the same time, 97% of the participants also admitted that they feel more confident to talk about the topic with young people now.

No Time To Rest

GamCare and YGAM’s managers are happy that their joint programme reached such a milestone in just 2 years. They also say that the interest and demand in their resources is steadily growing, so they hope that two million people is just a first step.

Other World Practices

In recent years, the gambling addiction problem has become particularly relevant. Organizations around the world are taking various measures to contribute to the fight against this phenomenon. For example, the American Gaming Association has previously declared September 2022 as Responsible Gaming Education Month, during which the organization was constantly promoting the concept of responsible gambling through its partners.

Gamble Responsibly

Remember: gambling can be a nice hobby, but you should never consider it as the main source of your income. To keep your gambling experience fun, always approach the game responsibly. Study the rules carefully, set your personal time and financial limits and never exceed them, and take self-assessment tests every now and then to keep your mental well-being in check. It is also necessary to stick with legal gambling operators, since they provide tools for responsible gambling.

Source: https://igamingbusiness.com. Article: Gambling harm prevention effort reaches two million people, 2022.

Anton Spesivtsev
Anton Spesivtsev
1 December 2022 13:18