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Erasmus University Rotterdam Launches A New Responsible Gambling Research

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) decided to team up with the University of Amsterdam (UvA) to launch a new 4-year research. The project’s entitled “A Safe Bet: design and evaluation of a player-tailored online responsible gambling promotion framework”.

Research Objectives

The team of researchers set themselves the main task of expanding the existing set of responsible gambling tools provided by legal iGaming platforms.

Two major European gambling operators have also agreed to join the study as partners: Holland Casino Online (NL) and Playtech PLC (UK). It is assumed that scientists will be developing new tools with the ability to test them on the actual players of these two platforms.

The Financial Aspect

Negotiations between the universities and the gambling operators involved in the research have been lasting for over a year. As a result, the parties managed to reach an agreement securing the research freedom, scientific integrity, and privacy.

EUR and UvA have also managed to get an additional grant from the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG). In addition, under the terms of this agreement, the ICRG will have no influence on the progress of the study.

The Gambling Operators Are Highly Motivated

The Holland Casino’s Chief Compliance Officer, Malinda Miener, believes that this research is essential for the gambling platforms’ future work. She is sure that the operators simply do not have any future if they fail to provide their customers with safe gambling experience.

Gamble Responsibly

At Responsible Gambling, we also believe that gambling can it should be nothing but a fun and safe pastime. To keep it that way, it is necessary to always approach this hobby responsibly. Always set your financial and time limits and never exceed them, stick with the legal platforms, and feel free to use other responsible gambling tools they provide.

Source: https://www.myscience.org. Article: New research project on Responsible Gambling launches at EUR, 2022.

Anton Spesivtsev
Anton Spesivtsev
15 December 2022 14:16