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BetMGM Partners With The ICRG For A Problem Gambling Research

BetMGM, one of North America’s leading betting operators, granted $180,000 to the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG) to support the organization’s study on the ads’ impact on the bettors running to problem gambling behavior. The ICRG announced this in an official statement released on November 22.

The ICRG President, Arthur Paikowsky, expressed happiness with this “historic contribution” from the bookmaker. He is sure that the research will help the ICRG identify potential risks in advance and provide more tools so that the gamblers’ experience remains fun and safe. He also believes it will help the authorities to adapt the legal norms in the future.

The ICRG Senior Manager, Richard Taylor, thinks that this research is an important investment in the industry’s future. He believes that it will become some sort of a guide for all key players in the market on how to lure potential clients without putting them into problem gambling behavior.

What Is The ICRG?

The ICRG is an american-based non-profit organization which regularly conducts studies about gambling addiction. Founded back in 1996, the ICRG is currently a part of the American Gaming Association. The organization considers its mission to help people with gambling issues.

Authorities vs The Ads

Malicious gambling advertising has become an acute problem recently, and regulators around the world are struggling with it. For example, the Australian government has recently implemented a reform that is precisely aimed at this problem. From now on, all legal platforms operating in the country must inform their clients about potential gambling harm in the ads.

Gamble Responsibly

At Responsible Gambling, we believe in the idea that gambling can be a great hobby. To keep it true, you have to always approach the game responsibly. Set your financial and time limits and never exceed them, use the responsible gambling tools provided by legal operators, and never try to make a living from gambling.


Anton Spesivtsev
Anton Spesivtsev
1 December 2022 13:21