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Gambling Myths

Gambling is a popular pastime for many people, but there are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding it. Here is a list of the most widespread ones.

If I Chase My Losses, I’ll Certainly Win Back The Money

Despite what many believe, every wager you gamble is 100% independent from the previous one. The number of wagers you play does not affect the probability of winning in any way and the odds of winning don't increase in your favor just by making more and more bets.

I Almost Won Last Time, I’m About To Win Big

Being really close to winning your previous wager might feel a bit luckier than usual but in actual fact it does not in any way mean that you’ll surely win the next one. Your Win/Loss record has nothing to do with your future results.

Playing Multiple Poker Games Or Slot Machines At A Time Will Increase My Chances Of Winning

Theoretically, it is possible. However, you should keep in mind that it is just as likely you’ll spend twice as much money when doing so (or even more) and then end up losing the whole lot.

I Have The Perfect Gaming Plan That Will Help Me Win All The Time

There is no such thing as the perfect strategy for winning in games of chance, like lotteries, slot machines, poker and even sports betting. For example, many lottery players think that betting the same combination of numbers every week might increase their winning chances. This is a complete misconception.

Same goes for slot machines. The winning numbers are those randomly generated by the computer, so the odds are always the same, no matter which combination you choose.

I Just Know That Today’s The Day

Your premonition has nothing to do with your actual chances of winning although this can of course help you to stay in a positive mood, but remember that it won’t help you win.


Remember, gambling is only a problem if it becomes an addiction or if it leads to financial problems. Otherwise, it can be enjoyed in moderation as a fun and exciting activity. However, to keep it that way it is essential to always approach this hobby responsibly.

Anton Spesivtsev
Anton Spesivtsev
14 December 2022 9:47