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Disputes Handling Procedure

We value customer disputes and strive to improve our services and analyze, on an ongoing basis, complaints handling data. rg.org addresses each complaint with integrity and in an equitable, objective and unbiased manner. All complaints received by rg.org are registered as soon as these are received, together with any action taken with respect to such complaints.

Thus, if you have a complaint, kindly submit it in the manner set out below and we will do our utmost to resolve your issue without unnecessary delay.

  1. Complaints are to be sent via email to: complaints@rg.org or by completing the form provided. To help us understand and deal with your issue as quickly as possible, please ensure that the complaint contains a clear description of the facts surrounding your claim, supported by documents and/or evidence where possible. Upon receipt of a complaint, an email of acknowledgment will be sent to you within two business days.
  2. Handling your complaint We will then investigate the matter and strive to provide you with a final response without delay, and in any case, by no later than fifteen (15) days from the date of the submission of the complaint. In the unlikely event that a final response cannot be provided within the expected time limits, you will be provided with information regarding the causes of such delay and an indication of when the investigation will likely be completed.
  3. Please note that any complaints regarding any other product or services offered by the rg.org group must be addressed to contact@rg.org.